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Welcome to the WoidBrowser Help and Download Site

What is WoidBrowser?

  • WoidBrowser is a super small, fast and very simply to use internet and shell browser for power users.
  • It specially designed for full-screen viewing.
  • Hold down the right mouse button to smartly scroll through your favorite web-page.
  • A history freeze function allows to show predefined sequences of web pages in panorama view without emerging toolbars.
  • WoidBrowser uses the currently installed Internet-Explorer® core and security-manager but not its overhead.
  • WoidBrowser takes '' for search, which claimes to be the world's most private search engine.
  • Emulates different Internet Explorer versions for debugging web sites.


  • Smart Scroll, hold down the right mouse button to scroll.
  • Boss Key, push Esc to exit the browser.
  • History Freeze, create full screen web presentations.
  • Shell Browser, multiple ordered desktops or large file lists.
  • Out log, can log all out going data.

Why would I need another browser?

WoidBrowser is very small and installing it does not disturb the main browser. You might have a favorite news paper site you use to read in the morning. Just install WoidBrowser and enter this site. You will be able to fix your eyes at the headlines of the text while your are scrolling down. If you hear your boss coming, just push Esc and we will be back at work.
After your boss is gone, you can restart WoidBrowser, navigate back (Backspace) and continue reading where you have been interrupted.

How can I navigate through the Internet?

  • Hit Alt A and type your question.
  • To navigate to a known URL you can shorten to

How can I navigate within the History?

  • Hit Alt X and the history list will open.
  • Click to navigate.
  • You can also navigate back and forward with Backspace and Enter as long as you did not focus an element.

How can I predefine a Web-Sequence?

  • Just look inside the menu for the magic keys F6, F7 and F8.

Download / Setup

WoidBrowser runs on all Windows® systems from XP to Windows® 10.

The Installer automatically selects the 64-Bit Version on 64-Bit Systems.

Download/Setup WoidBrowser_4.1

File Size 200 KB

What does it cost?

Nothing, it is free! But you are welcome to help paying my bills and to make this product better:
Or you can have a look at BACKUP AND SCRIPTING SOLUTIONS (soon comeing in English).


How to browse the shell?

  • Simply enter C: to open Drive C.
  • You can also type *favorites or *computer to browse to a special folder. *control works on Vista™ and lower.

The Command Line

  • You can use every address-bar target on the command line.
  • Use the environment variable WB to create shortcuts or hot keys: %WB% *computer.
  • A predefined and saved Web-Sequence can be started directly from the command-line: %WB% *doc\MyShow.txt (*doc stands for the MyDocuments folder)
  • %WB% ? opens the search and address bar.
  • -i forces the shell-view to be 'sorted icons'. Use this switch to create multiple sorted desktops.
  • -l forces the shell-view to be 'list': %WB% -l *computer, opens the local machine in list-view.
  • -d forces the shell-view to be 'details'.
  • -oxxx allows to change the registry slot for the settings. Use this switch to show a Web-Sequence while you are browsing the internet with another instance of Woid-Browser: %WB% -oMySettings
  • -p used to show a popup message while loading.