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2.3 Moving Windows® to new Hardware

By using the Hard-Restore function, a complete Windows® environment can be transferred quickly and easily to a computer with different hardware components.

Thus, the old familiar software environment is ready to use with all the features of the new machine:
  • Display driver
  • Motherboard resources
  • Network

A repeated reboot is not required (important in server mode).

For successful recovery, the same version of Windows® with the appropriate service pack must be running on the new computer. Reuschtools is not required.

Recovery can now be performed from any media (USB flash drive, hard disk or DVD) or over the network.

To start Install-Restore, open the folder that ends with '.ib' and either click on InstallRestore32.exe or on InstallRestore64.exe.

If Reuschtools was installed on the new computer, the recovery could take place as usual from the context menu.

Install Restore detects the new hardware and recommends the Hard-Restore mode.

  • If the computer is connected to a wireless network, the password for the network will have to be reentered after restarting.
  • The move is best done when the Windows® update status on both machines is roughly the same. If after moving e.g. the network does not work correctly, this could be due to different versions of updates.

  • If possible, create an additional Windows® environment. The running environment will not be overwritten and remains available.
  • The moved Windows® operating system has to be activated after the restoration. However, you usually have 3 days of time to verify the correct operation of the installation, before being forced to reactivate.
  • Never use a Windows® beta version for Hard-Restoring a release version, and vice versa, this can cause a Blue Screen of Death.
If an installation is transferred to another computer, and the old will remain ready, you will need additional licenses for your software. Take note of your license agreements. Before activating Windows® you should enter the product key for the new machine, otherwise you will be identified as a software pirate.

In XP or Server™2003 you can do this:
  1. In the Activate Windows window, select
    Yes, activate over the phone service.
  2. In the next window, click Change product key to enter the new license number. Then the activation can also be carried out over the internet.

Beginning with Vista™, the product key can be changed on the control panel by selecting the system page.

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